Stained Glass Light Bulbs


Beautiful, Unconventional Bulbs

Remarkably, these beautiful 25W light bulbs from GE are hand-painted to resemble the myriad colors on stained glass windows in old churches. GE bills each product as completely unique, which explains why a few years ago they cost over $25, although current prices are just a bit over $5. They fit into a normal bulb sockets. The glass surface is replaced with a Tiffany-like structure, many small panes of colored glass are held together by an epoxy rain.

25W Or 40W

These bulbs have the distinction of being good-looking even when off. They fit into downward facing fixtures or upward facing standing lamps. One problem some customers complain about is that the colors fade slightly over time but this wasn't true of all reviews. The nature of stained glass is such that a lot of light doesn't make it through the bulb because it gets filtered out by the paint. The result is a warm glow to the light rather than brightness filling out the room. Some people report that a dimmer switch works well with this product but that is expected given that it is an incandescent.

Price: $5

They are slightly expensive at $5 to $7 depending on whether you use Amazon as a vendor or a third party. The bulbs also last a long time, possiby because the wattage is so low. So don't feel like you're throwing money away because what you're paying for a quality product that will last many years. One reviewer reported that his bulb lasted 8 years!

Glass Colors For Your Home

Each bulb comes with 5 different colors. Here they are in order of frequency: yellow, red, orange, blue, and green. Over time depending on the painter the color compositions probably evolve. When you add it to your lighting options you'll find that the rainbow of colors strongly alters perceptions of the surroundings. In the same way Tiffany shades transformed a lamp into artwork, these bulbs will transform a light into something with the Tiffany flair. Put it in home areas where the surroundings look fairly nondescript and drab.

Practical Use In The House

Because the bulb is rated only at 25 watts and because the bulb glass comes in all sorts of dark colors, the luminous output is slow. Use the low lighting effect to your advantage. For example in the TV room light doesn't have to be strong so put in a stained glass bulb to get the new, modern ambiance.



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