Mini Lamp Shades And Chandelier Clip On Shades


The Use Of Mini Lamp Shades

The usual lamp shade is used to illuminate a room or at least the area of a desk. However, sometimes a full lamp is not needed if the area of illumination is small. This can happen in cramped spaces like small walk-in closets, stairway landings or entryways of homes. In these areas a mini lamp suffices, and a mini lamp shade to go along with it. The lamp may be a miniature table lamp style, floor lamp style, but can also be in a sconce-style which are affixed to the wall.

Put One On Your Desk

You don't need much space to put a mini lamp on the desk. It'll do wonders for your productivity as your useable desk surface area increases and the lighting becomes more ambient. There's also no need to sacrifice on design. Consider the following mini Tiffany (not an authentic one of course) that is being used as a common desk lamp. mini lamp shade on a desk

Miniature Tiffany on a desk

Different Shapes And Trim

For such small lights mini lamp shades are very much in demand. Glass mini lamp shades can be made into different shapes, including versions of shapes found for large shades such as the hurricane, cone, cylinder, and school lamp shade styles. Mini fabric shades are also popular. As with most glass lamp shades, mini lamp shades come in different colors to match the decor of other items in the house. Furthermore, the rim or surface of the shade can be beaded, stained or decorated with metal artwork. A very popular style is the mini Victorian in the style of Tiffany.

Use As Chandelier Shades

Mini lamp shades are not restricted for use on very small lamps, but also serve a very specific purpose on chandeliers. Chandeliers are lights that hang from the ceiling but compromise a metal ring frame which holds a number of bulbs. Each of these bulbs can be capped for decorative effect. But since the bulbs are small or at least the amount of space on the chandelier is very limited, only mini lamp shades can fit. They may be attached like regular shades, but it is very common to see them be clip on. The ring of the shade has two loops that project downward which can wrap over a light bulb in a clip on fashion.

Clip On Shades

Chandelier clip on shades are very small but of course one can find regular size clip ons which are prized for their convenience in installation. The one disadvantage of the clip on is that the shade moves easily out of place and must be adjusted on a periodic basis to keep it straight. There are no restrictions on the size of the bulb or the clip of course. Regular bulbs can fit on some chandeliers as can mini bulbs, but for both one can find mini lamp shades.

Decorative Elements

The shape of the shade is one matter, and the style of decorations is another. Many lamp shades are beaded on the surface through attachment of glass or metal pieces with cement and other adhesive. Beaded shades were popular in the past and are a sign of resurgence in the retro style. Moreover, the edge of the shades can be decorated with trim. On fabric shades this can be attached to the fabric directly but on glass this is only possible if there is a metal frame or rim that can hold the trim material.


The sizing of a lamp shade is important in determining which mini one needs. A typical shade is characterized by a top radius, a bottom radius, and the length of the "slope" that connects the top and bottom. For mini shades, typical sizes of the top are 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6 inches. The bottom can vary from 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, and 8 inches. The slope can be anywhere from 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, or 8 inches.

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