Hurricane Lamp Shades


Shaped Like A Hurricane

The name of the hurricane lamp shade is probably memorable due in no small part to its distinctive shape. It cane also be described as somewhat vase-like, curving outward, inward before flaring at the top again. It captures light within the shape, but also diffuses some of it through the projective flare at the top. While it has is taller than it is wide, it's much more stylized than the competing cylinder or elongated cone shape.

Some variants have horizontal axis of symmetry so the top and the bottom are of equal width. Arguable, the vase-shape is more pleasing whereas the latter variant is more functional in its distribution of light. One can certainly get glass hurricane lamp shades. It may be the most popular material for this kind of style.

A Difficult Shape to Reproduce

Despite some efforts on our part, we have yet to find a hurricane shade made in more delicate materials such as mica. Mica lamp shades made into the hurricane shape would really be remarkable. It would seem that only glass has the right properties to be shaped into characteristic curves, which must be maintained over time.

Found on Chandeliers as Mini Lamp Shades

The exquisite hurricane can be found on chandeliers for those who would like to populate the house with more than one, albeit as mini lamp shades. A good example is found here. There may be a more limited range of styles given the constraints of having to work the glass into a narrower profile.

Antique and Replacement Versions

If you end up breaking yours, you should consider going to a specialty shop for replacement hurricane lamp shades. The shop should either restore old lamp shades or employs a glass blower who can create an entire replica. The multiple points of curvature mean that its actually quite a difficult shape and requires a top quality expert glass blower.

Cylinder or Hurricane?

There may be some confusion as cylinder glass shades are sometimes called hurricane lamp shades. But this confusion is common in the field as different manufacturers have different names. Canonically, the cylinder shade has a straight profile up and down, while the hurricane has curvature.

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